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Five Ravens Questions with Baltimore Beatdown

Nathan Beaucage from Baltimore Beatdown stops by to answer some last-minute questions about the Ravens before their game against the San Diego Chargers.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports
1. What's the biggest dropoff between last year's Ravens and this year's? Is it just a matter of a tougher schedule?

Injuries and a lack of depth have killed us this year, much like what cost us last year. Our secondary was mediocre to begin with, and now it's trash with everyone injured.

2. How/why did Baltimore let Torrey Smith go?

Money. Torrey was simply asking for too much for us to keep him around. And I think we are going to see that the Ravens did the right thing by letting him walk. It also doesn't help that he's an over glorified one-trick pony.

3. Are the Ravens' playoff chances already dead? Or is there a chance to get back into it with a good second-half of the season?

Yes. We aren't going to the playoffs, our conference and division are super competitive this year, there's just no room for us in the postseason no matter how well we do. We just want a high draft pick.

4. Who is one player on the Ravens that the Chargers fans may not know but will play a big role on Sunday?

Will Hill should be a household name by now, but he isn't. He is the glue holding our secondary together, if anyone can stop Phillip Rivers, it's going to be Hill.

5. Obligatory score prediction.

The Chargers continue to give the ball to Phillip Rivers. A massive aerial attack against a PeeWee-caliber secondary results in an offensive shootout. Chargers win this one though, thanks to a monstrous outing from Rivers and Keenan Allen. Chargers 38 - Ravens 34