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Chargers Inactives: Weddle, Franklin, Te'o and more

The San Diego Chargers you expected to miss today's game are going to miss today's game.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We knew Eric Weddle, Orlando Franklin, and Manti Te'o were out. That's not surprise.

We knew Donald Brown has been inactive most weeks this year, despite being the highest paid RB on the team (by a lot), so that's not surprising.

Tourek Williams has started practicing but apparently isn't healthy enough to play just yet. Hopefully he will be before the end of the season.

Craig Mager remains a huge disappointment, either due to a lack of talent or because of a mysterious hamstring injury that isn't healed after two months of rest.

The funny thing is that, if there were a WR on this inactive list, the Chargers would have an injured representative from just about every position group on the roster. That's not abnormal, but it would be fun from a organizational standpoint.