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San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates expected to play vs. Ravens

Here's some great news for the San Diego Chargers' offense today. They'll have their Hall of Fame TE against the Baltimore Ravens.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, the San Diego Chargers tested out Antonio Gates' knee....

Well, don't keep us in suspense all day Adam Schefter...

Yay! Wait, that's not....

Oh, okay. Cool.

The Chargers offense, and Philip Rivers, is significantly better with Antonio Gates on the field. Also, the team is paying Gates and would probably like him to play more than a couple of games this season. So, yay!

It'll be an interesting competition between the tight ends, as Ravens TE Crockett Gillmore will try to capitalize on Donald Butler being the only healthy ILB on San Diego's roster.