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San Diego Chargers Re-Sign RB Donald Brown

Donald Brown, who has been missing from the San Diego Chargers roster for the last few days, is back.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, guys! I just got back from vacation and....the San Diego Chargers are re-signing Running Back Donald Brown?

I guess so. It looks like the team went ahead and cut him off the roster to make room for an extra offensive line for the game against the Cleveland Browns, and I guess that worked based off the final score.

However, signing Brown back is odd because the team also has to clear a space on the roster for Antonio Gates' return. Could this be the end of John Phillips in San Diego despite his above-average play this season?

That's Jason from, and he's a smart dude, but I don't exactly get the logic here. Is someone actually going to sign Donald Brown to a contract big enough to warrant a compensatory pick for the Chargers?

Either way, Donald Brown is back and will probably be inactive.

Unlike when I was talking about Kyle Miller and was dead wrong, Brown's contract for the year is definitely guaranteed because he's definitely an accrued veteran. That means he was probably the cheapest RB the Chargers could've signed this week, so they went ahead and did it.