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San Diego Chargers release Donald Brown, Need Room for Offensive Line Depth

The San Diego Chargers finally made a move that many said needed to happen in the offseason. Unfortunately, the move is because the Offensive Line is in bad shape.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Since the season started, the San Diego Chargers had been carrying four running backs. Despite earning 3 million dollars this season, Donald Brown has been inactive for each of the first three games this season. Now that he's been released, the Chargers effectively paid Brown a million dollars each game to sit on the bench.

This move comes as a reason for celebration for many Chargers fans since Donald Brown was taking up a valuable spot on the 53-man roster. Things have gotten bad enough on the offensive line that the Chargers' were forced to eat the $3.5 million cap hit and release the veteran running back.

The Chargers aren't carrying only 52 players on the roster, in his place, the team has signed Offensive Guard Michael Ola to the team. This move all but guarantees the Chargers will be without three of their starting offensive linemen against the Browns tomorrow.

Oh and in case you were wondering, no the Browns can't sign Donald Brown to their team and learn the Chargers' game plan the night before the game.