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Squadcast: McCoy's Fault or Telesco's Fault?

Ben Higgins and John Gennaro try to pick up the pieces of a 2-5 San Diego Chargers team, and hope to diagnose the problem to get to a solution.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Things are not good for the San Diego Chargers right now, and I'm not even talking about the stadium situation.

The team is 2-5, with squeaked-out wins against the Lions and Browns, and headed to the east coast to take on the Baltimore Ravens.

Despite what Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates think or say, this is a very bad football team right now. They don't have enough talent, they're not giving enough effort, and the execution that should be put in place by the coaching staff simply isn't there.

So, who's fault is it? Is Tom Telesco drafting and signing the wrong guys? Or is Mike McCoy and his coaching staff doing a bad job of developing talent? Ben and myself dive into this question (with definitive answers, I promise!) while attempting to recap the loss to the Raiders.

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