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Ten Questions for the NFL Town Hall Meeting

If you're planning on attending the NFL Town Hall Meeting, but aren't sure what to ask, you can use any of the 10 questions below.

Look, the truth is that the NFL is dotting their Is and crossing their Ts. It's extraordinarily unlikely that anything asked or said this evening will make a difference to the Chargers and the NFL as it pertains to Los Angeles. This is your opportunity to tell them that you're angry and frustrated by the experience.

Also, don't excessively rely on the relocation bylaws. The NFL wrote them, and they can be changed at a moment's notice to suit the NFL's needs.

Still there are some good questions to ask. Here are 10 that should be asked, even if no one really answers them.

  1. What is the Relocation Fee for Los Angeles?
  2. Any real stadium proposal entails three key elements: a site, a rendering, and a financing plan. By this standard, while the Chargers have examined 9 different sites, only three produced renderings (Mission Valley, Downtown, and West Chula Vista), and only one produced a financing plan (Mission Valley). Does the NFL know the Chargers have actually offered San Diego only 1 proposal over 14 years?
  3. For Mr. Grubman - in April, you said on the Fred Roggin Show that (paraphrasing) "there was a deal the Chargers would accept. Whether there was the time or the will to present that deal is the question." If so, did the Chargers tell the NFL what that plan was, and was it clearly conveyed during your meeting with the Citizen's Stadium Advisory Group and/or local elected officials?
  4. Does the NFL believe the Chargers acted in good faith toward San Diego over the last 5 years, while the team discussed options with AEG in downtown Los Angeles, Stan Kroenke in Inglewood, and then for at least the last year in Carson?
  5. What is the NFL's view on a team negotiating in good faith, when the team in question has spent between less than $20 million over 14 years in their home market, and spent over $20 million on one plan in Carson in the last year-plus?
  6. If the NFL or Chargers really cared about San Diego having a realistic chance to keep the team in 2015, why didn't either entity publicly state in January that a deal needs to be reached no later than April 1, which would allow 9 months for a Citizen's Initiative to qualify for a Special Election, prior to the NFL's decision on relocation?
  7. Have the Chargers indicated to the NFL what Fabiani has said locally in the last week - that if they were in San Diego in 2016, they would pursue a Citizen's initiative with their own proposal. If this is the case, then doesn't that mean there's at least 1 option they'd be willing to pursue and have not exhausted all options in their home market?
  8. Has the Spanos family indicated to the NFL, or provided evidence that San Diego is no longer an economically viable market even with a new stadium, and is that why they are pursuing relocation to Los Angeles?
  9. Is the NFL willing to consider providing additional assistance to the San Diego market, considering the unique difficulties of securing tax revenue and the comparative (versus other owners in the NFL) lack of financing available from the Spanos family?
  10. What actual value do these meetings have to the NFL, and will they actually make a difference to the NFL or other owners?

Use these question if you like. Hope to see some of you downtown at Spreckels Theatre tonight. Be courteous and respectful. Don't thow Oakland or St. Louis fans under the bus.

We Chargers fans are a hardy bunch. We've survived The Holy Roller, the playoff loss to the Oilers, getting blown out in a Super Bowl, Ryan Leaf, one and fifteen, Marlon McCree, and Norv Turner.

We can make it through this.