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The NFL isn't listening to San Diego

Eric Gubman and a few other NFL officials are spending their evenings listening to San Diego Chargers fans at Spreckles Theatre tonight, but don't expect them to actually hear anything that's said.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This is not our war to win. At least, not yet.

When Eric Grubman (pictured), along with a few other executive members of the NFL, sit on that stage tonight, they'll likely be berated with questions and ideas and plans for keeping the Chargers in San Diego.

In response, Grubman will say the same thing that he's been saying to weeks to the citizens of St. Louis, Oakland, and San Diego. The NFL has the right to negotiate directly with the city, without the Chargers, and that same process led to a stadium being built in Foxboro for the New England Patriots.

It's a song and dance, basically. Grubman and the other executives are not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. NFL rules dictate that these town hall meetings happen in the cities of teams that will be looking to relocate. I fully expect the executives to end the meeting as soon as they can, and for it to not have affected change in any way.

You can livestream the town hall meeting here at 7pm tonight. The event is set to go on for several hours, so make sure you have something to drink and a soft seat.