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The Lightning Round Podcast, Episode 44: Uncensored & Off the Rails

If there was ever a week for Garrett and Jamie to fly off the hinges and curse up a storm, it was this week after the Chargers showing against the Raiders.

The Uncensored version of the Lightning Round Podcast is NSFW

Get the kids out of the room, make sure your co-workers are not within earshot and all the sensitive Chargers fans are not in the vicinity because this special uncensored edition of the podcast is profanity-laden and contains some brutal honesty. Underneath all the foul language are two guys that are venting as much as every Chargers fan wants to do right now. We know you’re thinking it, we’re just saying it out loud. So help get the poison out and come to the dark side of the uncensored version of the Lightning Round Podcast, it’s actually kind of therapeutic.


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