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FILM STUDY: Chargers lose to the Raiders at home

Here are the plays that the San Diego Chargers are kicking themselves for as their lick their wounds and try and forget about losing to the Oakland Raiders at home.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter

Jacoby Jones returning kick from back of the endzone

John Phillips beat by Mack

Lofton(50) beats DJ Fluker and Trevor Robinson to get to the ball

Donald Butler gets off block while facemask is being illegally grabbed

Jason Verrett vs Amari Cooper

Pagano insisting on having linebackers in coverage on clear passing situations instead of an extra DB like Steve Williams

Butler and Perryman being picked up and Ingram not reading the play leads to open hole for Murray

Ryan Carrethers gets off block to make tackle

Playing not to lose. At home. With a 2-4 record

Not a good look for Donald Butler when an undersized corner shows more will taking on a block

Second Quarter

Inside move by Melvin Ingram takes him out of the play, leaving hole for the RB

Jahleel Addae left in coverage against Cooper while Verrett is matched up against a RB

Jimmy Wilson takes bad angle, and gets easily beat by Walford

Jacoby Jones returning kick from the middle of the endzone

Pressure leads to Rivers not being able to properly step into throw, which results in an inaccurate pass and an INT

Amari Cooper vs a LB. Verrett should've been manned up on him every play. Coaching mistake by Pagano

Quick read by Jahleel Addae

Blitz pickup by Branden Oliver

Inside move by Jerry Attaochu leads to Brandon Flowers sack

Jimmy Wilson misplays ball

You know it's not your day when Rivers misses open receivers

Perfectly blocked by the Raiders, with a juke on Wilson at the end

Third Quarter

Ryan Carrethers holding his ground against a double team

Poor effort by Donald Butler with a half hearted tackle attempt

Sean Lissemore hustling his ass off while Donald Butler leisurely jogs

Jacoby Jones returning kick from the middle of the endzone...again

Branden Oliver squeezes through small opening

Nick Dzubnar shoots gap, makes tackle with Kavell Conner

Corey Liuget extends hands, drives, sheds block, and makes stop on third down

Melvin Gordon blitz pickup

Fourth Quarter

Trevor Robinson misses assignment

Dontrelle Inman makes move to get open in the endzone. Rivers throws it away

Only took until the 4th to have Verrett follow Cooper into the slot

Kavell Conner hit

Rivers footwork in the pocket

Kenny Wiggins beat

Trevor Robinson hold

Rare mistake by Danny Woodhead trying to gain a few extra yards instead of getting out of bounds. Would've given team 25 seconds instead of 10.