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The 2015 San Diego Chargers: It Can Always Get Worse

The Chargers have thus far proven two things through seven games: it can always get worse. And it's time for Mike McCoy to go.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Forget Bolt Up. Forget All In. That's my new Chargers slogan. How do you like it? Pretty apt right?

"How could that be?" you shout. Well consider that this team is still good enough (I think) to finish 7-9, and Dean Spanos probably wouldn't fire Mike McCoy regardless of where his team is playing in 2016.

Make no mistake, Sunday's demolition at the hands of the Raiders was a fireable offense. For the entire staff.

The Chargers were utterly inept in all phases of the game. They were out-physicaled, out-executed, and out-coached from the horrible beginning to the nigh unwatchable end.

What's clear 39 games into his tenure, other than that he's never met a 4th and short that hasn't terrified him, is that it can always get worse with a Mike McCoy led Chargers. He, and his staff, have been repeatedly overmatched, and his team uninspired. Never was that more clear than it was on Sunday against the archrival Oakland Raiders, who jumped out to a 30-6 halftime lead, before taking their foots way off of the pedal.

The offense seemingly lacked any semblance of a game plan other than having Philip Rivers - who was uncharacteristically off on several throws - throw the ball another 50-60 times. It was hardly the first time this season that this has happened.

The inability to mount any consistency in the running attack, is inexcusable. McCoy and offensive coordinator Frank Reich have been incredibly uncreative in the ground game to the point of being nearly predictable.

You cannot be that one dimensional week in and week out and hope to win in the NFL. The decision to bench Melvin Gordon was idiotic and borderline negligent. Either he's your guy or he isn't. Since you made him a first round pick and traded up to get him, you're pretty much tied to the former. Gordon is a rookie running back. He's going to fumble and the Chargers are going to have to live with it. But this whole, "we're going to play him, we're not going to play him, we're going to telegraph when he's getting the ball", is a detriment to both the player and team and is not conducive to helping a young player succeed in the NFL. It just isn't.

It's not much better on the other side of the ball. While he has his moments, defensive coordinator John Pagano seems likewise overmatched. It also doesn't help that the vast majority of his players are underperforming.

The front seven is a mess. Corey Liuget is a fine player, but hasn't been the impact guy his contract demands. He also can't do it alone amid a severely deficient defensive line. He desperately needs help around him and likely won't get for another six months or so. At the next level, Jeremiah Attaouchu is developing into a good player while Melvin Ingram will likely never be the dominant player he needs to be for this defense to work. I think Ingram is a solid player, but a far cry from what he needs to be.

Denzel Perryman is a bright spot. Of course, he may have torn his bicep, true to form of any young Chargers linebacker. I'm not going to mention the other two inside linebackers as their absence says more about their play than I could put into words.

Jason Verrett is a stud.

Everyone else in the secondary is not. Brandon Flowers is a tremendous disappointment while Jahleel Addae and Jimmy Wilson have shown that the Chargers will need to find two starting safeties in the offseason.

Special teams is downright sickening. The only positive play all year was Josh Lambo's game-winner over Cleveland and they needed two tries - the second of which possibly shouldn't of happened -  to get that right.

Yes, the pieces aren't what they appeared to be. Some of that is absolutely on them. If you can't get up for an NFL game - which certainly was the case on Sunday -then you shouldn't be getting paid to play in it.

But much of it is also on McCoy and his staff.

He has not done what is best for he and his best 53 players. He has consistently not put the team in the best position to win. He has not done what he needs to do to make this team better going forward.

And for that he needs to go.