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Open Thread: Chargers getting stomped by Raiders, 30-6 at half

The San Diego Chargers are embarrassing themselves on the field at Qualcomm Stadium so far today. They trail the Oakland Raiders 30-6 at halftime.

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The score is a lie. The Oakland Raiders may be up by 24 points at halftime, but they should actually be up by a lot more. Also, Corey Liuget should've been ejected.

This is just about the worst performance I can remember seeing from the San Diego Chargers. Not only are they being outcoached, and seem to be the team with less talent on the field, but they also seem to just not give a damn about any of it. They're lethargic and lazy, while the Raiders have plenty of fight in them.

At this point, a Chargers victory would be something close to a miracle, but we've seen Philip Rivers work magic before. It's not out of the question, but it certainly isn't likely, and it's impossible without some major changes happening to the Chargers team in the locker room during halftime.

Here are some weird stats to make you more confused:

  • The Chargers defense is giving up 5.9 yards per rushing attempt.
  • The Chargers offense is getting 4.6 yards per passing attempt.
  • Melvin Gordon, who is yet to get on the field, is active today.
  • Donald Butler somehow leads the team in tackles despite playing a bad game, and is regularly giving up big passing plays.
  • The Chargers have the worst average starting field position in the league, and it's probably getting even worse today.

Here we go. In Rivers We Trust.