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INJURY NEWS: San Diego Chargers RB Melvin Gordon OUT vs. Raiders

The San Diego Chargers rookie RB has been disappointing all season, and he'll miss the team's first game against the Raiders with an injury or due to benching or a little bit of both.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports


Well, all week I've been telling people not to be surprised if the San Diego Chargers bench rookie RB Melvin Gordon against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday and call it an injury, and I guess that's what happening here.

What's interesting is that they're not saying he's too injured to play, just that they're being safe with him. That's yet another case of the coaches throwing Gordon under the bus a little more than they actually have to.

What will be interesting, if Branden Oliver has a big game against the Raiders (like he did last year), if Gordon loses his starting job and the snaps/opportunities that come with that. With Mike McCoy fighting to keep his job, he can't really afford to give Gordon back the job if Oliver outperforms him. Not this year, anyway.