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REPORT: San Diego Chargers free safety Eric Weddle will not play vs Oakland Raiders

Jason Verrett reveals that Eric Weddle will be unable to play Sunday vs the Raiders.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, John mentioned that Annie Heilbrunn reported Eric Weddle was not on the field at Chargers practice. This afternoon, we had more light shed on Weddle's situation by his teammate cornerback Jason Verrett. On the Darren Smith Show, Verrett revealed that the five-time All Pro free safety would not play on Sunday at home against the visiting Oakland Raiders.

While Eric Weddle has not been as effective in 2015 as he has been in past seasons, he has played nearly every snap of the season and the dropoff from Weddle to Darrell Stuckey will likely still be noticeable. The secondary has already been banged up with Jahleel Addae missing time and Brandon Flowers playing at a level that leaves you hoping it's due to injury and not simply age.

The Oakland Raiders have been a joke for years, but the current version led by Derek Carr and Amari Cooper is a more dangerous offense than we've seen from them since back when they were actually a good team. At this point, Chargers fans can only hope that the defense is able to hold up in spite of continued loss of starters.