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STADIUM TALK - NFL to Host Town Hall in San Diego

Here's another chance for San Diego Chargers fans to make themselves heard about keeping the Chargers in San Diego, this time in front of NFL officials.


If you want to chant and cheer, do it on the sidewalk outside the building where you can get on TV. Now...

Next Wednesday, October 28th, from 7 PM - 10 PM, the NFL will host a Town Hall Event at the Spreckles Theatre in downtown San Diego.

Season ticket holders are the primary intended audience, and the Town Hall will be open to season-ticket holders on a first-come, first-serve basis. Non-season ticket holders can apply for entry on a first-come, first-serve basis. Written comments may also be submitted - send those to

Spreckles Theatre has a stated capacity of 1,463 people.

During this town hall, NFL Officials (reportedly including NFL Vice President of Relocation Eric Grubman) will be on hand to answer questions from the public regarding potential relocation and stadium issues. Of course, this will be done in the most general way possible, so don't expect any major news to come out of this meeting. The primary purpose of this Town Hall is to satisfy the requirements of the NFL's bylaws regarding the potential relocation of franchises.

Attendees of the Town Hall will also get an opportunity to make statements regarding the potential relocation of the Chargers.

This is yet another signpost indicating the NFL is dead-set on determining which teams (or teams) will be relocating to Los Angeles for the 2016 Regular Season, and another signal to municipalities (such as San Diego) that it's time to put your best offer on the table.

For those unable to attend, the Town Hall will be livestreamed on the NFL website at

St. Louis and Oakland, the other cities involved in the Los Angeles relocation game, are also scheduled to host Town Halls of their own. St. Louis on October 27th, and Oakland on October 29th. The St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders are also vying for the opportunity to relocate to Los Angeles.

So, Chargers' fans, this is your chance to ask questions of (and share your feelings with) the NFL. By all means, please show up, ask smart questions which require smart answers, and make sure you're heard - but understand one important thing. This is not a pep rally.