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LIVE: San Diego Chargers Quarter-Season Grades

Ben Higgins and John Gennaro are back for another stirring rendition of the Bolts Brown Bag. Watch before heading out to the tailgate lot for tonight's Chargers game against the Steelers on Monday Night Football.

"Just a little kiss. For old time's sake."
"Just a little kiss. For old time's sake."
Donald Miralle/Getty Images

I came prepared for the BBB today. I've shaved my head bald, shaved my beard into a mustache (yes, it looks stupid), shaved my chest hair into a lightning bolt*, and am wearing a Philip Rivers Chargers blue home jersey.

In addition to doing a whole bunch of breaking down of the Monday Night Football game between the Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers tonight, Ben Higgins and myself will be handing out quarter-season grades to each position group (and the coaches) as the team has played four of their scheduled sixteen regular season games.

I expect blood. Lots of blood.

I don't think the tailgate lot opens until 2pm anyway, so you might as well spend a half-hour with Ben and I to get you ready before headed to Qualcomm Stadium. You can ever drink as you watch along!

The link to watch is right here, and you can communicate with us live either by commenting below or by tweeting with the #BoltsBrownBag hashtag.

*This may not actually be true.