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INTERVIEW: LaDainian Tomlinson ranks the NFL coaches he played for

John Gennaro sits down with San Diego Chargers legend LaDainian Tomlinson to talk about the current team, the coaches he played for, and his favorite moment from his career.

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So, I bumped into LaDainian Tomlinson yesterday...

No, really. I'm on Radio Row at the Super Bowl for my real job, and LT was walking around promoting a huge Tostitos block party that's happening in downtown Phoenix as well as the Wounded Warrior Project.

I grabbed him, we sat down, I turned on the recorder on my phone, and we had a great chat for about eight minutes. There's some real gold in here for San Diego Chargers fans (and TCU Horned Frogs fans), too.

From LT's reasoning on the Chargers pursuing Adrian Peterson (he's potentially cheaper than Ryan Mathews and well-rested), to his thoughts on Norv Turner compared to Marty Schottenheimer, to his favorite memory from his playing days, I thought Tomlinson was great and very forthcoming.

First, here's a picture of us talking for proof....

Interviewing LT. This was a pretty big moment in my life.

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And here's the audio you came here for:

LT interview