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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: January 21, 2015

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

2014 PFF All-AFC West Team - Jim Seki
Quarterback: Philip Rivers (SD) Despite taking snaps from five different centers, this was the seventh year Rivers finished with a PFF QB Accuracy Rate of over 74%. He also had the highest NFL QB rating on play action passes

Michael Gehlken Radio Interview - Darren Smith (audio)
Chargers beat writer Michael Gehlken on replacing LB coach Joe Barry and the team’s biggest priorities in free agency.

Humbled Darrell Stuckey Honored to Rep the Bolts at Pro Bowl - Ricky Henne
"It feels good knowing Darrell will be back with us," Telesco said at the time. "He’s proven to be a very valuable member of both our defense and our special teams, as well as a positive influence in the locker room."

The Most Clutch Postseason Quarterback Of All Time Is Eli Manning - Nate Silver
But this is a somewhat ridiculous list. The top five consists of one great quarterback, Joe Montana, along with two pretty good ones (Eli Manning and Flacco). It also has Trent Dilfer and Jeff Hostetler.

King Dunlap helped himself in 2014 - Michael Gehlken (UT$)
The 6-foot-9 lineman can now sit back and await resolution on his contract, due to expire when free agency and the new league year begin on March 10. Dunlap is at relative peace with what comes next. He's done his part.

Pats again caught red-handed for bending the NFL rules - Darren Smith
But this is the Patriots and he is Bill Belichick and these things matter more because it’s HIM than they would have this had been anyone else in the league. Of course, this is just the beginning and guaranteed to lead to more questions, likely producing embarrassing answers for a lot of people besides Belichick.

Deflate-Gate: Could weather have played a role in deflated balls? - A.J. Burnett
But could the weather have played a role in "Deflate-Gate?" To answer this question, let's begin with a little equation you may or may not remember from chemistry or physics, back in high school. It's called the Ideal Gas Law: