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SOURCES: San Diego Chargers will move D.J. Fluker to Guard in 2015

A couple of sources within the San Diego Chargers organization are reporting that the team's 2013 first-round draft pick, OT D.J. Fluker, will change positions this offseason and play OG when the team starts training camp in 2015.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday morning I wrote this article, which included this about San Diego Chargers RT D.J. Fluker:

You'll notice that I have Fluker as the RG instead of the RT. I know I may be in the minority here, but I can no longer think of the man as an Offensive Tackle. He has shown, time and time again, that he's not quick enough to handle pass rushers. It's led to a ton of sacks and a lot of false start penalties as he literally has to get off the line before the pass rusher to stand a chance at stopping him. That's not a Tackle. I know he's tall, but Fluker would be a monster of a right guard and would help the interior rushing attack quite a bit, so that's where I'm putting him.

On Monday evening, a friend of mine from within the organization sent me a message telling me that the team viewed Fluker in the same way. In fact, this person said that the team had decided with a few weeks left in the regular season that Fluker would be moved to Guard over the offseason and that would be where he remained for the rest of his career with the team.

Before going crazy and making a post about it right then, based off the word of one person at Chargers Park, I waited. On Wednesday, two things happened.

The Second Source

I got in touch with the writer of this tweet and, without naming names, we confirmed that his source was different from mine, but was also someone from within the organization. That what we call a "confirmed" story.

The Public Acknowledgement

At Tom Telesco's end of the year press conference, the Chargers GM talked up FLuker's abilities as a guard and said that he could have a future there.

Now, he said Fluker could be a RT or a guard next season, but that is mostly just covering his own ass. What if the team can't find an upgrade at RT this offseason? What if the guy they sign in free agency gets seriously injured in training camp? There are ways in which Fluker could remain at RT in 2015, and so it makes sense for Telesco to make that clear. However, in what should be perceived as a very intelligent move, the Chargers have made the decision to try to move Fluker to one of the guard spots, where his talents are better suited.