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Darrell Stuckey to play in 2015 NFL Pro Bowl

It's a slow news day, but a fan-favorite San Diego Chargers player is getting a special honor so we'll mention it.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With the Pro Bowl the week before the Super Bowl, there's this fun thing that happens after the Championship Round of the NFL Playoffs. Players that are on teams that are headed to the Super Bowl are ruled out from participating, and new guys take their place.

Matt Slater, who plays roughly the same position as Stuckey despite being a WR, was set to go to the Pro Bowl as a special teams player. Stuckey, as the first alternate, will take Slater's spot while Slater and the New England Patriots travel to Arizona to take on the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

After signing a new contract last offseason to stay with the team, Darrell Stuckey is now signed through the 2017 season. He has been the heart and soul of the San Diego Chargers' special teams unit for years, as well as its best player (not named Mike Scifres). He deserves this honor, and the Chargers fans will cheer him louder than any other special teamer gets cheered whenever he takes the field at Qualcomm Stadium again.