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D.J. Fluker seeing first-team snaps at Guard

In an odd little turnaround, the San Diego Chargers appear to be giving D.J. Fluker a shot to win Johnnie Troutman's job at Right Guard.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Wait...what's this?

So, with Johnnie Troutman out with an injury, D.J. Fluker slides over to Guard.

If the goal is for D.J. Fluker to be the starting Right Tackle, I'm not sure how this makes any sense at all. If Joe Barksdale was signed to be competition at the Right Guard spot for Troutman, why isn't he the one getting those snaps?

Well, Barksdale is a little busy stealing Fluker's job...

The San Diego Chargers are finally playing with the correct offensive line, or at least my preferred offensive line:

LT: King Dunlap
LG: Orlando Franklin
C: Chris Watt
RG: D.J. Fluker
RT: Joe Barksdale

Maybe this is something different. Maybe Barksdale has been terrible at Guard and so he's the one forcing Fluker inside, although that's not what I've seen or heard.

What this looks like, to me, is that Fluker was given a chance to win the RT job right out of camp. Unfortunately (for him), Barksdale has been a beast in practice and Fluker hasn't caught up. Fortunately (for him), Troutman is still the same trainwreck, and now Fluker will be given a chance to use his incredible size and strength more often at the RG position.

I know nothing is official or certain, but barring any injury, I expect to see this be the offensive line that the team runs out against the Dallas Cowboys one week from now. And if it is, I might just go buy myself a D.J. Fluker jersey.