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VIDEO: Jason Verrett interviews Stevie Johnson

Training Camp is meant to get the players in game shape, but it's also one of the few times of the year when they get to have some fun during practice and with the media. Jason Verrett shows off his interviewing skills in this video with Chargers WR Stevie Johnson.

I love seeing a bit of personality from NFL players, and San Diego Chargers players specifically, because it's so rare. They're taught the cliches, they're hidden most of the time, and we have no idea if these guys are worth rooting for unless they go out of their way to make themselves known (like Philip Rivers doing 30+ minute long interviews with Darren Smith every few days).

That is exactly why I love this video below, where future superstar Jason Verrett takes Marty Caswell's microphone and tries to take her job by interviewing Chargers newcomer Stevie Johnson.

No, Jason! Don't scratch your nose while you're listening to the answer!

Seriously, though, Verrett seemed to take it pretty seriously after having some fun with that first question, and Stevie Johnson gave him some good/fun answers too.

Remember that in a few weeks we'll probably never see an ounce of personality from this team, away from touchdown and tackle celebrations on the field, until next year's Training Camp. Cherish these moments while they're here.