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San Diego Chargers Training Camp Notes: August 11, 2015

Let's all over-evaluate talent in practice as we break down the San Diego Chargers Training Camp today.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There were a handful of players out of practice today, mostly just a rest day.

News and Notes:

-Head Coach Mike McCoy said the team will not keep a snap count for any player for it's first preseason game and it will all depend on how the game plays out.

-D.J. Fluker started at Right Guard again today and he looks a lot more comfortable at that spot with each passing day. Not only does he look good but he's making calls at the line, showing he's got a good understanding of his assignments before the ball is snapped. His footwork has improved.

-Without Orlando Franklin out today, Trevor Robinson took most of the first team snaps at Left Guard while Kenny Wiggins got a few as well.

-The second team Offensive Tackles today were Chris Hairston at Left Tackle and Jeremiah Sirles at Right Tackle.

-Former Chargers practice squad Offensive Linemen Craig Watts is working at Left Guard with the third team.

-Undrafted Free Agent Offensive Lineman Tyreek Burwell pancaked another Undrafted Free Agent Ryan Mueller for one of the highlights of the day.

-Melvin Gordon is clearly working on his route running. It sometimes comes off as exaggerated in his movements but in drills he's making a point at being more crisp coming out of the backfield.

-David Johnson is the best blocking Tight End on the roster. He cleared the way for two Melvin Gordon rushing touchdowns when he was the lead blocker in goal line work.

-Cornerback Chris Davis had a very good day in coverage. Had two pass deflections on Austin Pettis, one of which was in the endzone.

-Both Craig Mager and Donald Butler had interceptions today. Mager is starting to be a lot more physical in coverage so far and it's paying off. When he lays off of receivers they have too much room to operate and he's not able to close but when he gets into receivers chests is when he is at his best.

-Linebackers Coach Mike Nolan was really hands on with his group today. During goal line work, Nolan was standing at the back of the endzone yelling at the linebackers. His fired-up attitude was contagious.

Also, this was fun to watch:

The Chargers have a walk-through tomorrow before their preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys.