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2015 NFL Power Rankings Consensus

Power Rankings Consensus: Cardinals Flying High

For 15 weeks of the NFL season, all eyes were on the undefeated Carolina Panthers. Now that they've finally lost, attention turns to the hottest team in the NFL: the Arizona Cardinals

Power Rankings Consensus: Are Chargers Worst?

They've not looked very impressive of late, but do the Chargers really belong at the bottom of the list like many pundits have done?

Power Rankings Consensus: The Haves, and Have-Nots

A particular disparity has arisen in the league, with a clear distinction between the top 9 teams in the league, and everyone else.

Power Rankings Consensus: Are Panthers the best?

After another one-week hiatus, everyone's favorite power rankings breakdown is back, with a belly full of turkey and sweet potatoes.

Power Rankings Consensus: Are Chiefs best in west?

After taking the bye week to get away from football, much like the Chargers, the Power Rankings Consensus is back!

Power Rankings Consensus: Raiders a Top-10 team?

As Bill Parcells would say, "you are what your record says you are." That seems to be how the pundits operate, but how far off are they when it comes to the stats?

Power Rankings Consensus: Here comes the NFC

Within a couple weeks at the start of the season, it looked like the NFC was the weaker conference; the AFC had all the power! Not so much anymore.

Power Rankings Consensus: What do we really know?

We started the 2015 NFL Season with what seemed like divisional parity. That has all but vanished.

Power Rankings Consensus: NFC East Climbing

What looked like the laughing stock of the NFL to start the season, the NFC East continues to surprise and climb the board.

Power Rankings Consensus: Lions Aren't That Bad

As we pass the quarter pole (for most teams), are we any closer to figuring out where teams should rank against each other?

Power Rankings Consensus: Are Cardinals Elite?

With three games in the books, a consensus is starting to emerge and teams are settling in to their respective rankings. There is still a bit of movement, and a few surprises.

Power Rankings Consensus, Week 3: Overcorrect!

Last week was "Jump to Conclusions" week. This week, it's time to overcorrect.

NFL Power Rankings Consensus, Week 2

Monday night kicked off the official National Jump To Conclusions week. Everything we need to know we learned in week 1. So how do the rankings shake out?

2015 NFL Power Rankings Consensus, Week 1

Shaking off the Rust