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2015 NFL Draft: San Diego Chargers sign 1st round pick RB Melvin Gordon

The day before the start of rookie Mini Camp, the San Diego Chargers signed their last remaining unsigned draft pick and inked RB Melvin Gordon to a four-year deal (with a fifth-year option)

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We knew this was coming either tonight or tomorrow morning, but here it is...

According to, Gordon is projected to receive a four-year contract worth $10,669,758 and includes a signing bonus of $6,019,824. Contrary to their performance on the field, this actually makes Melvin Gordon higher paid than Danny Woodhead...and means that Donald Brown is the highest paid RB on the San Diego Chargers' roster.

I don't think anyone has made any mention of Gordon being the starting RB on Day 1, but at these rates (and with what the team gave up to draft him), it'll be incredibly disappointing if Gordon wasn't the team's starting RB for the next four (or five) seasons.

Rookie Mini Camp usually produces lots of fun pictures of the kids playing in Chargers (practice) jerseys for the first time, but it will be interesting to see how much that changes with the stormy/rainy weather San Diego is expecting tomorrow.