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San Diego Chargers' First Game: The Good, The Bad, and the Really, Really Ugly

Stephen Hwang takes a look at the highs and lows of the San DiegoChargers' first game.

Christian Petersen

As did most of the general fanbase did, I was absolutely infuriated at the fourth quarter collapse of the Late Monday Night game against the Cardinals. With an eleven point lead heading into the fourth quarter and the offense and defense seemingly clicking after halftime, the Chargers looked to be heading towards victory.

This was last year against the Texans all over again. This was a seemingly strong Chargers team that seemed to fold under pressure during the first game of the season. But as we did last year, I truly do believe this team is bound for the playoffs. SO, DO NOT LOSE HOPE.

To summarize the Monday Night loss, here are the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly from the game.

The Good:

The Young Bloods!!!: First off, I BELIEVE IN TOM TELESCO. Take out the fact that Melvin Ingram played quite poorly, a lot of the rookie/2nd year players played extremely well.

Jerry Attaochu: Did you see this rookie's game!?!?! Whether it be blocking a punt to set up a score or sacking Carson Palmer causing him to fumble to set up another, Attaochu was all over the field making plays all game. He showcased his pass rushing skills that were so touted during the draft and absolutely destroyed on kickoff coverage. I was one of the many voices wondering if the Chargers had given up too much to draft Jerry, but obviously I've been shut up. I BELIEVE IN TOM TELESCO. (If someone could make that a shirt, I'd totally buy it)

Jason Verrett: Bah gaw, this guy is another solid pick by the Chargers. We didn't see much of him during the early goings of the game, but when Verrett stepped onto the field, he made his presence felt. He was great in the red zone, hit like a truck when tackling, and if you weren't watching, he was the main man defending Larry Fitzgerald. And he did a damn fine job of it. I BELIEVE IN TOM TELESCO.

Manti Te'o: Last year, I spent a whole bunch of time during games screaming at Manti on run defense. But when he says he's been working on his game this offseason, he was no liar. He made the correct reads on blocks, didn't get too tangled up with linemen, and constantly found himself in the backfield.This does not look like last year's Manti, that Manti's gone fishing. I BELIEVE IN TOM TELESCO.

Corey Liuget: All I have to say is: HE'S TOO LIUGET TO QUIT. I BELIEVE IN TOM TELESCO. (even though  he's an A.J. Smith pick)

The Pass Rush: Throughout the game, the Chargers seemed to get constant pressure on Carson Palmer... If they weren't doing those completely inane 3-man rushes. The defense may have only gotten 2 sacks on Carson Palmer, but there was rarely a time where Palmer had a clean pocket to throw from.

The Bad:

Does Freeney Know How To Tackle?: Freeney got to Palmer multiple times during the game and had sack opportunities, but apparently Freeney forgot how to sack the quarterback. The topic says it all.

The Play Calling On Both Sides: First off, (and I'm saving the really, really ugly for one player, but this guy completely deserves it, too) WHY THE HELL ARE THEY STILL THROWING TO EDDIE ROYAL. That interception was all your fault Royal. If your lazy ass is running a slant and stop running in the middle of your route and your defender picks it off, what in the world did you think would happen? Watching Royal play infuriates me. Now onto the play calling.

Offense: I think the offense is summarized best with these few tweets:

Gets your ish together Frank Reich. I miss Whiz.

Defense: The defense completely broke down in the fourth quarter. If you let Carson Palmer get ten yard gains on runs, you know something is wrong. Missed reads, missed zones, missed tackles. This game was a game of missed opportunities for the Chargers. Don't color me surprised if Pagano is fired before the end of the year.

Once again, with the help of a few tweets, the defense will be summarized.

The Really, REALLY Ugly:

Hey Johnnie Troutman, you suck. I don't think I've gone through a full tape of a game with you playing and not wanted to throw my computer at a wall. You miss blocks, you're always laying down on the ground, and on top of that, you can't seem to understand how the snap count works. You have one of the best offensive line coaches teaching you to play and you still can't shape up?

Someone for the love of god please bring me Watt. I can't deal with this Troutman crap anymore.

Fun fact: this new drinking game I invented might actually get you killed.