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Which San Diego Chargers player will be the most consistent?

The San Diego Chargers might be good and they might not be. It is consistency that they struggle with. Marshall Faulk wants to know which Chargers player will be the most consistent this season, and it was not an easy task answering.


The San Diego Chargers sure are talented, but most of their talent has been relatively inconsistent and can't necessary be counted on to put forth 16 good (or great) games this season. Right?

  • Ryan Mathews was good last season but his history says he'll struggle with injuries and fumbles at some point.
  • Antonio Gates used to be the picture of consistency until he started struggling with foot injuries and age.
  • Philip Rivers was great last year, but that was after two very bad years.
  • We don't really know what to expect from Keenan Allen's second year, while Malcom Floyd and Eddie Royal have been pictures of inconsistency throughout their careers.
  • Corey Liuget is a monster when he shows up healthy, but will disappear at times.

So, who is my guy? Who will be consistent for the Chargers all season long? The same guy that's always there, plugging along and doing his job without missing a snap or making a mistake.....

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I would say "Don't ever change, Eric Weddle," but I know that you won't. You stay consistent, Mr. Consistency.

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