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Game Preview Podcast: San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals

On last night's live video podcast, Gennaroly Speaking, John Gennaro did a full preview of the San Diego Chargers' week 1 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals and made his predictions for the game.

He's listening to Gennaroly Speaking. You know he is.
He's listening to Gennaroly Speaking. You know he is.
Donald Miralle

Last night on Gennaroly Speaking, the normally raucous commenters were relatively quiet. I was told it was because people were tired of waiting and ready for the action of the regular season, which is a-okay with me.

So, I spent the better part of the hour previewing the San Diego Chargers' upcoming game against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football. I expect this Week 1 game to be a shootout, and I expect the Chargers to come out with a win, but that's as much as I'm going to tell you. To hear the rest, you're going to have to actually listen to the dam thing.

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