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The KP Show: Chargers vs. Cardinals Preview, Week 1

Welcome to the first ever episode of The KP Show, a weekly podcast hosted by BFTB's own Kyle Posey. This week, we'll preview the San Diego Chargers upcoming game against the Arizona Cardinals with Seth Cox from Revenge of the Birds.

Stephen Dunn

I'm going to start a weekly podcast here and I think you guys will enjoy it. That is, if you enjoy tangents, rambles, and of course, Vegas lines. What I want to do is get someone smart from the team that the Chargers are facing and get the inside scoop on how they feel like their team stacks up against San Diego. I also think it's good to get an outside view on the team that you cover, so I want to see how whoever it is I'm speaking with views the Chargers, too.

In this episode I'm joined by Seth Cox from Revenge of the Birds. Seth is a great guy that really knows his football. He digs deep into the draft, so we kicked off by talking about how he felt about Arizona's draft class, and how they're utilizing them on the field. Then Seth gave me his take on how he felt about the Chargers top picks coming out of the draft.

We moved on to preview Monday night's game, and just went over all the intriguing match-ups and what has to happen for each team to win. Before Seth got out of there, he gave a final score prediction, and I gave mine.

Before I wrapped things up I went over some player props that Vegas has for the Chargers.

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Episode page on BFTB Radio

It was a lot of fun, and I'm going to try to switch it up and work out any kinks as I go along. Feel free to let me know how you guys want me to change it up. Enjoy and thanks for listening!