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Chargers-Jaguars final score: San Diego steamrolls Jacksonville 33-14

While missing seemingly half of their roster to injury, the San Diego Chargers were still able to score the final 23 points of the game for a big victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Strangely enough, the story of this game was quite simple. The San Diego Chargers passing attack, led by Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen, Eddie Royal, and Malcom Floyd, could not be stopped by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In the first half, the Jaguars were able to get a lead and it looked as though they would be competitive all game, but eventually John Pagano got aggressive and took rookie QB Blake Bortles out of his game by getting pressure on him every time he dropped back. That, plus a subpar receiving unit that got worse when Cecil Shorts left with an injury, left Jacksonville unable to keep up with the San Diego offense that was scoring at will.

After the first Chargers drive of the game, when they went 3-and-out following a fumble by the Jags, San Diego scored on six of their next seven drives.

Philip Rivers was amazing. He was remarkably effective and mistake-free, completing about 75% of his 39 passes and averaging an unbelievable 9.7 yards per pass attempt.

Branden Oliver lead the rush attack with 9 carries for 23 yards. Seriously, that was the best runner the Chargers had, and Jacksonville still couldn't figure out how to stop Rivers.

This team has its holes and weaknesses with the current list of injuries, but on this day, Philip Rivers and his receivers were good enough to win almost by themselves. Credit John Pagano for blitzing more and getting aggressive with a lead instead of passive, because that is what led to interceptions by Brandon Flowers and Eric Weddle.

Next week, the Chargers play the New York Jets, who have an incredible front-seven but not much in the way of a defensive secondary. Rivers will face more of a pass rush, but this same game plan might work (for now). Outscore and outshoot your opponents, knowing that they can't keep pace.