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LIVE: Chargers escape first half with 17-14 lead over Jaguars

In a first half where the San Diego Chargers were clearly outplayed by the Jacksonville Jaguars, they were still able to build a lead heading into the second half.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie QB Blake Bortles looks as good as advertised/feared, and he has single-handedly made the Jags a better team by replacing Chad Henne. We knew that much after one quarter and those suspicions have been confirmed since.

Still, the San Diego Chargers are the better team, right? Maybe. playing without Melvin Ingram, Ryan Mathews, Danny Woodhead, Nick Hardwick, Rich Ohrnberger, Reggie Walker, Jason Verrett, Manti Te'o and who knows who else....the Chargers are struggling to operate as a dominant and cohesive unit on either side of the ball.

Lucky for the Chargers, home field advantage is a real thing and Philip Rivers is a real person. Without anything resembling a running game or an offensive line, Rivers has completed 16/18 passes for 206 yards and 2 touchdowns (without a single turnover). He might actually be able to beat the Jaguars all by himself.

Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal are both having fantastic games, getting open and catching the balls Rivers is throwing their way.

Can this actually be enough to beat Jacksonville? Deep passes on blown coverages as an offensive gameplan? Apparently, the Jaguars are just that bad. If they can stop those deep passes and blown coverages, things could get scary for San Diego.

The Chargers have a 17-14 lead after scoring a late TD in the first half, and they'll get the ball back to start the second half. They could easily have a six or ten point lead the next time Blake Bortles gets the ball, which would be their biggest lead of the game.