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Chargers Inactives: Verrett, Attaochu, Ohrnberger OUT vs. Jaguars

The San Diego Chargers will be missing more than a handful of very important starters for today's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Could this be a trap game?

Norm Hall

The following very important players make up the San Diego Chargers inactive list for today's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars:

  • Jason Verrett, CB
  • Ryan Mathews, RB
  • Manti Te'o, LB
  • Reggie Walker, LB
  • Rich Ohrnberger, C
  • David Johnson, TE/FB
  • Jerry Attoachu, OLB

Mathews, Te'o and Johnson are starters. Verrett, Ohrnberger, and Attoachu are guys that were expected to get starter snaps due to injuries to starters. Reggie Walker was probably the next guy up behind Attoachu and is one of the team's best special teams players.

This is a bad inactive list. A really bad inactive list.

Doug Legursky will start at center instead of Ohrnberger, Donald Brown remains the starting RB, and Kavell Conner will fill in for Manti Te'o. Steve Williams will likely fill in at nickel CB for Verrett.

I know the Chargers are playing the 0-3 Jaguars, but they're missing a good number of players from their roster. It might be time to start panicking, or at least wondering how Philip Rivers is going to beat the Jags all by himself.