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LIVE: NFL Sunday, Week 4

There are seven NFL games this morning and you can chat here while following along with all of them.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Here are today's early games. Chargers coming up at 1:05pm PT.

Two things to note.

First, it would appear the NFL has turned down my idea of letting Ray Rice and Greg Hardy take the place of their teammates (or, in Ray's case, former teammates) in a battle with axes that leaves both men severely wounded and the crowd severely entertained.

Second, our old buddy Ken Whisenhunt has decided to start our old buddy Charlie Whitehurst at QB for the Titans today over Jake Locker (who was one called "the next Time Tebow"), which means I will be dragging my Whitehurst shrine out from storage and putting it right next to the television while I watch Charlie win the hearts of America and the AFC South.