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PODCAST: The One Where John Smashes a Pen

John Gennaro is very excited to be talking San Diego Chargers football, and he spent an hour chatting about how the team is different after three weeks than they were at the start of the season.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

I can't take credit for the title of this Gennaroly Speaking podcast. That one goes to Mr. John Crean.

Yesterday I held my first afternoon live Gennaroly Speaking in quite some time, and my first Gennaroly Speaking at all in two weeks. It was fun!

I gave you my theories about how the defense will change without Lawrence Guy, Melvin Ingram, and Manti Te'o, and then I told you how I thought the offense my change without Danny Woodhead.

I did some previewing of the San Diego Chargers' upcoming game against the Jacksonville Jaguars towards the end, as well, but was rudely interrupted with news of a Kevin Acee article that made my smash my pen into several pieces. No, really. Here's proof:

Anyway, if you missed it live, this one is worth taking the time to listen to before Sunday's game, as we try and embrace the post-injury era for Mike McCoy's squad.

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