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The San Diego Chargers will lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars

Each week, John Gennaro gives San Diego Chargers fans three reasons to be pessimistic about the team's chances in their upcoming game. This week, he's talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Blake Bortles

Have you seen Blake Bortles play? Here's a primer.

Blake Bortles has it all. His arm is so strong that you're left wondering if it's too strong. He's big and strong. He can run enough to be called a "mobile QB" with a straight face. He makes good decisions and he makes them quickly.

The reason Blake Bortles was the first QB picked in this year's draft is because he's basically Brett Favre without all the sexual harassment of team employees (probably). I suppose that means he can also become an interception machine, but Favre was a Hall of Famer and Drew Brees is on his way to the Hall with plenty of interceptions in his wake. There are worse guys to be compared to.

Blake Bortles (Denard Robinson)

I'm a big believer that QBs should make their first start on the road. There are no high expectations and plenty of excuses if things don't go well. There's no pressure on Bortles this week, and there's a decent team around him that went 4-1 in the middle of their schedule last week before collapsing late (and early).

The big problem with the Jaguars this week is that their offensive line hasn't played great in front of Chad Henne and Toby Gerhart, but neither of those guys were doing the line any favors. Gerhart can't stretch the defense horizontally and Henne holds on to the ball too long to be an effective NFL QB. Bortles gets rid of the ball almost immediately after hitting the back of his drop, which will help his offensive line quite a bit, and Denard Robinson's speed will do exactly what Gerhart can not.

Except a much better performance from the JAX offensive line in San Diego.

Blake Bortles (Defense)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are not made up of speed demons on offense. Their receiving corps is more "big and strong" than quick or fast, and they won't burn anyone for a big play downfield.

What that means is that the Chargers should be ready for lots of short passes where their 6'3" receivers can put their body between 5'8" Jason Verrett or 5'8" Brandon Flowers and fight for the ball. Between that and Toby Gerhart, it's easy to see the Jaguars trying to copy "The Chargers Blueprint", where their offense wins the time of possession battle and keeps the San Diego offense off the field for much of the game. That's easier to do with an accurate QB that gets the ball out quickly than it is with Chad Henne.

The sometimes-forgotten part of "The Chargers Blueprint" is how it helps the defense. It keeps them fresher, and allows the Defensive Coordinator to be more creative. Gus Bradley's head coaching career may look like a roller-coaster so far, but he's still a well-respected defensive coach. Give him some fresh bodies on defense and a lead to work with and this could turn into a long day for San Diego.

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