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PODCAST: How will injuries affect the San Diego Chargers?

John Gennaro and Ben Higgins break down the San Diego Chargers 22-10 win over the Buffalo Bills, the fallout from the team's injuries, and provide a preview of next week's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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The BFTB Podcast returns! It's a day late this week because I had technical issues and I'm battling a cold (you may or may not notice that during the podcast).

Still, I powered through and talked with Ben Higgins for a while about the San Diego Chargers 22-10 win over the Buffalo Bills and how the team will need to adjust after the injuries to Danny Woodhead and Melvin Ingram.

I'd love to say we previewed Sunday's game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and we did, but the preview was basically the two of us arrogantly predicting a blowout. So, if the Chargers blow it and lose on Sunday, you can place the blame squarely on Ben and I.

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