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LIVE: San Diego Chargers lead Buffalo Bills 13-3 at halftime

The San Diego Chargers hold a ten point lead over the Buffalo Bills at halftime. Will they be able to pull out the road victory?

Tom Szczerbowski

First, the good news.

The San Diego Chargers look a lot better than the Buffalo Bills. They should be up by more than 10 points after a dominating half of football on both sides of the ball. Malcom Floyd has two catches for 98 yards (two 49-yard catches), and Donald Brown looks fine for a starting running back.

Now, the bad news.

Injuries a plenty! After the news yesterday that the Chargers had put OLB Melvin Ingram on IR, RB Danny Woodhead was carted off the field with a serious ankle injury. In addition, Brandon Flowers is questionable to return after injuring his shoulder, which he can pair with the groin injury that forced him to miss last week's game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The Chargers will receive the ball to start the second half and could be headed towards an easy victory if they can build a 20-3 lead, especially with the way the defense has been playing.