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Do the Bills have a distinct home field advantage?

Do the San Diego Chargers have to worry about a home field advantage as they head to Buffalo to take on the 2-0 Bills?

Vaughn Ridley


Oh, you want more? Okay, let's go digging through some numbers.

The 6-10 Buffalo Bills of 2013 went 4-4 at home and 2-6 on the road. 
The 6-10 Buffalo Bills of 2012 went 4-4 at home and 2-6 on the road.
The 6-10 Buffalo Bills of 2011 went 5-3 at home and 1-7 on the road.

Get the picture? Even when the Bills are a bad team, they're still a .500 team or better at home. They have a strong, loud fan base and western New York is not the easiest destination to travel to.

Last week, in their home opener against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills racked up 517 offensive yards (in addition to a kickoff return TD) while holding the opposition to just 290 offensive yards.

Simply put, this is a better team at home than on the road, and they look like a pretty good team so far this year. They're actually built similar to the San Diego Chargers (or Seattle Seahawks), with a powerful ground game and an efficient passing attack that tries to win the time of possession.

There's a legitimate reason San Diego is an underdog heading into this matchup after dominating the Super Bowl Champions. That reason is home field advantage.