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Who keeps the San Diego Chargers focused?

Marshall Faulk, the pride of San Diego State football, wants to know who is the leader on the San Diego Chargers that keeps the whole team focused on the task at hand. My answer may not be who you think it will be...


While Philip Rivers may be the leader of the team, I do not think he's the guy that keeps everyone focused. If anything, I think Philip is often the one who needs to be reeled in and focused on the task at hand when he gets a little too excited about trash-talking an opposing defensive tackle.

I don't know if he'll have an easier time or hard time focusing the team from the sidelines, but I think the guy who usually does that is Nick Hardwick. I believe, as the leader of the offensive line, he was the steadying force of the offense and an underrated leader of the team.

It will be interesting to see if Nick, who is essentially retired these days, stick around the team in some sort of coaching role. He certainly know how to get a group of players on the same page.

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