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PODCAST: Which Chargers Team Will Be on the Flight to Buffalo?

On the BFTB Podcast, John Gennaro and Ben Higgins look back at a tremendous San Diego Chargers victory over the Seattle Seahawks before previewing their upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills.

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With all the joy of flying home after winning a road game, Ben Higgins and I fired up the podcast this week and spent a good long time talking about all of the things the San Diego Chargers did right in their 30-21 upset win over the Seattle Seahawks.

We broke down why the defense was so successful, and tried to figure out which Chargers team we'll see for the rest of the season: The one that beat Seattle or the one that looked terrible against the Arizona Cardinals?

After that, we did our best to preview Sunday's game against a mysterious 2-0 Buffalo Bills team that was supposed to be among the worst in the league but might be a challenge for San Diego.

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