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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: September 16, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

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Harry How

ReFo: Seattle @ San Diego, Week 2 - Sam Monson
Gates isn’t the athletic freak he was when he burst into the NFL and was such a nightmare for defenses to match up with. Now he remains a potent receiving weapon but he is able to get open with an arsenal of subtle moves to free him from the attention of actually superior athletes on the defense. Here he came up with three touchdowns and made a huge key grab to keep the ball in San Diego’s hands late, in essence ending the Seattle comeback chances.

All-Star Team of the Week: Week 2 - Gordon McGuinness
Leading the Chargers to a big win over the defending Super Bowl Champions, Rivers pushed himself into our starting line-up too.

Audibles at the Line: Week 2 - Luke McKenna
Antonio Gates is a Hall of Famer who had a Hall of Fame kind of day with three touchdowns. His counterpart Zach Miller had three penalties. Officially, there were five fumbles in the game, and San Diego recovered four of them. It was that kind of day.

Charissa Thompson on her career path, women working in sports media - Richard Deitsch
Rachel Nichols, for example, is someone I have a tremendous amount of respect for and she tackles tough issues like Ray Rice and garners a lot of respect. There are plenty of women in the business who don't just smile and go to commercial. To reduce it to that, I don't agree. But Katie is entitled to her opinion and I know what she is trying to say and she’s not trying to be irreverent about it. It's like the whole Fox reputation, that Fox only hires blondes. Yes, there are a lot of blondes here, but all the blondes are different. To paint the picture that women in sports just take you to commercial is incorrect. But I understand her message. I am not disrespected by it, but you have to know what Katie is about.

Rivers, Chargers show how dangerous they can be in upset of Seahawks - Chris Burke
Seattle has a reputation for being perhaps the most physical team in the league, one that wants to win with intimidation and power. Not often do the Seahawks find themselves utterly worn down. But they were Sunday, their vaunted defense unable to get off the field. San Diego wound up running 75 plays to Seattle's 40, with a perfect balance of 37 passes to 37 runs (Philip Rivers took a knee to end the first half, accounting for that 75th play).

Don't Feel Bad About Watching The NFL - Will Leitch
Did you watch the NFL yesterday? I did. I watched every minute that I could. This is not a factoid that's particularly consistent with my output of the last week, and I suspect it's not consistent with yours.

Chargers Philip Rivers is NFL's Toughest Pocket Passer - Greg Cosell (from June 2012)
From a public perception standpoint, Rivers is a fascinating case study. He has started for six years and has never missed a game. He’s led the NFL in touchdown passes (2008) and passing yards (2010). He’s eclipsed 4,000 yards passing in each of the past four seasons. He’s won playoff games with some outstanding performances. No one would dispute that Rivers is an excellent quarterback, one of the six or seven best in the league, depending on personal preferences.

Rivers, Chargers send toughness message vs. Seahawks - Pete Prisco
San Diego went on to beat the Seahawks 30-21 and did it like few expected, which is to move the football consistently against a defense that some were saying might be the best ever after their season-opening domination of the Green Bay Packers.

The Overlooked Career Of Antonio Gates, The Second-Best Tight End Ever - Neil Paine
Among NFL tight ends over the past 10 full seasons,5 only Gonzalez produced more True Receiving Yards (TRY), and none came close to matching Gates’s Approximate Value.