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San Diego Chargers Daily Links: September 15, 2014

Your daily dose of San Diego Chargers news & notes from around the web.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Rivers: "The game and flow went exactly how we wanted" - Ricky Henne
"It was big," said Philip Rivers.  "We knew that in this heat, (with them) on the road, on grass, we had to get first downs…We were able to stay on the field and sustain drives.  It was huge.  It was huge for us.  Some of those draws and things in the running game against a tired defensive front, they work a whole lot better than when they’re fresh and having a bunch of three-and-outs.  The game and the flow went exactly how we wanted it to."

Chargers Use Weapons, Spread Ball on Offense - Hayley Elwood
"When you’ve got a quarterback like that you’ve always got to be ready because you never know who’s going to be the guy each drive," Royal said.  "Everybody did a great job of stepping up when their number was called.  We’ve just got to continue to do that.  We’re going to spread the ball around and you never know, each week it could be a different guy so we’ve just got to be ready."

Rivers-Gates connection makes Bolts go - Kevin Acee (UT$)
"He’s great at reading my posture and knowing what I’m trying to get done," Gates said later. "I think the biggest thing is that he trusted me."

The Goodell-Must-Go Bag - Bill Simmons
Goodell made history this week — for me, anyway — by becoming the first major sports commissioner ever to inspire me to say, "Doesn’t this feels like Nixon all over again?" How can the same scandal blow up in someone’s face THREE DIFFERENT TIMES? It’s impossible!

Rivers and Chargers dominate time of possession in 30-21 upset win over Seahawks - Sean Larson
Harvin bolted down the sidelines 51 yards for the touchdown, proving once again how lethal his speed is. However, the Seahawks caught a lucky break as a replay clearly showed Harvin stepped out of bounds while running down the sideline. All touchdowns are supposed to be reviewed. Apparently, the guys in New York did review and confirm the touchdown. Oops