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San Diego Chargers CB Brandon Flowers could miss Seahawks game

San Diego Chargers starting CB Brandon Flowers missed practice today with a groin injury that could end up taking him out of Sunday's home opener against the Seattle Seahawks.

Steve Dykes

Groin injury. On a Friday before a Sunday game.

Brandon Flowers is either going to miss the San Diego Chargers home opener or he's going to playing it with a bad groin, which makes him a worse option than before to be the man trying to cover Seattle Seahawks WR/RB Percy Harvin.

I suppose the silver-lining here is that with an injured or hobbled Brandon Flowers, the Chargers do have Jason Verrett to lean on. He may be a rookie, but his first game against the Cardinals showed him to be an impressive rookie. There are worse backup plans to have. (Also, at 5'11", Harvin isn't much taller than Verrett.)

Stick around BFTB today, as we'll be releasing the injury report as soon as it comes out this afternoon. That should give us more insight into Flowers' status for the game.