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San Diego Chargers waive RB Marion Grice

The San Diego Chargers have waived 6th round pick RB this morning, setting up for him to join the practice squad and for the team to sign a defensive lineman.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers announced this morning that they have waived 6th round pick RB Marion Grice.

Hey, it's almost like I predicted this yesterday.

Here's my prediction: At some point today or tomorrow, the Chargers will sign a defensive lineman or be rewarded one via waivers. When that happens, either Marion Grice or Branden Oliver (my vote is Oliver) will be waived and eventually (hopefully) signed to the team's practice squad to be the tenth and final member.

This was a crafty move by the team to keep Grice from being available until the rest of the league had already filled up their practice squads. It doesn't guarantee that he'll clear waivers and will sign with the Chargers practice squad, but it helps.

Now they're set at RB, with Branden Oliver playing the role of "guy on the inactive list unless somebody is hurt".

This move knocks the team down to 52 men on their roster, leaving one open spot. They wouldn't make this move unless they had someone to put in that spot, so expect news on the team's newest defensive lineman a little later today.