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San Diego Chargers sign LB Victor Aiyewa

After announcing a season-ending injury yesterday, the San Diego Chargers have signed a new LB to take the open roster spot today.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Somewhere, deep down the San Diego Chargers LB depth chart, lived a man named Alvin Scioneaux. Alvin had a rough game against the Cowboys, tearing his ACL, and is now slated to miss the entire 2014 NFL season.

Taking his place on the roster will be someone with only a slightly easier-to-pronounce name, former Green Bay Packers LB Victor Aiyewa.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this signing is that Aiyewa was college teammates with Chargers LB Donald Butler at Washington, although Aiyewa played DB in college.

Don't expect Victor to make the team, but he might make an impressive play or two on special teams and get noticed by another team out there that doesn't have depth as good as San Diego's is currently (like the Dallas Cowboys). He got in four games with the Packers last season, mostly playing special teams, and picked up five tackles.

Scioneaux will be put on IR this week if (when) he clears waivers.