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Chargers-Cowboys final score:San Diego dominates Dallas 27-7

While the outcome of the game is meaningless, the San Diego Chargers had a very successful start to their preseason with a nearly flawless victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Donald Miralle

In their first preseason game of the year, the San Diego Chargers offense was nearly flawless.

The passing offense was unstoppable. They won on short passes, medium passes, and long passes. They were even successful on broken plays. The three QBs (Philip Rivers, Kellen Clemens, and Brad Sorensen) finished with just two incompletions, going 14/16 for 243 yards and one TD.

The rushing offense was mostly unstoppable. While the longest run was 27 yards, whomever was carrying the ball consistently picked up four or more yards every time their number was called. Marion Grice finished the game with the most carries, but it was Branden Oliver that made the most noise. Oliver finished with 64 yards and a touchdown on just seven carries, and was the talk of Twitter for most of the night.

Despite the fact that Keenan Allen and Malcom Floyd combined for a grand total of zero targets, the receivers had no problem getting open and bringing the ball in when it was thrown to them. The ball was spread out, though, leading to only two guys with more than a single catch: Ladarius Green and Dontrelle Inman. Inman caught three passes for 107 yards, including a 70 yard touchdown that showed off his deep speed.

All in all, the Chargers offensive line looked great and that let the offense do pretty much whatever they wanted. We love you, Coach D.

Now, the bad stuff.

Lawrence Guy left the game with a shoulder injury and someone named Alvin Scioneaux (that's his real name apparently) was also injured. Guy was questionable to return to the game, so I doubt he misses more than a day or two of practice. However, I don't believe there were any major injuries.

The defense was good but not great going up against a ton of Cowboys backups (their starting QB, WR, TE, and RB all missed the game). We'll have a much better idea of where they're at when they face the Seahawks starters next week.

Ryan Mathews fumbled the ball away when he tried to jump over the pile into the end zone and the ball collided with a defender's helmet. So, everyone hates Ryan Mathews again like it's 2011 despite the fact that he lost just 1 fumble last year while touching the ball nearly 400 times.

Javontee Herndon and Donald Brown handled kickoff return duties. Neither did anything of note. Chris Davis of Auburn fame had a couple of nice punt returns.

All in all, a successful preseason game for San Diego. As successful as one could hope for, anyway.

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