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Are the San Diego Chargers a fantasy football nightmare?

Fantasy football players may soon be complaining about San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy the same way they used to complain about Mike Shanahan.

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I like fantasy football. I've been playing it for more than a decade now, and I miss that DirecTV Sunday Ticket feature where they'd tell me whenever one of my players got some fantasy points.

However, there are some hardcore fantasy players. They've been reading magazines on strategy for a month already. They listen to podcasts to try and help them win their league. These people are nuts. They also hate Mike Shanahan.

Why do they hate Mike Shanahan? Because Shanahan would constantly take powerhouse offenses and make them almost meaningless for fantasy football players. They would still be good, but all the TDs would end up going to the backup RB or the third-string TE. Then, after all of the fantasy players picked up those guys, the TDs would switch to someone else yet again.

In the real world, it's easy to see what Shanahan was doing. He was taking advantage of the guy the defense wasn't paying attention to in the red zone. As soon as that player got enough stats that defenses were paying attention to him, the coach would move on and do it again with someone else.

Mike McCoy might be building something similar in San Diego, and fantasy football players are going to hate him.

Last season, "backup" RB Danny Woodhead finished with more TDs than the starter, Ryan Mathews. Eddie Royal, who never really got higher on the WR depth chart than third, finished tied with Keenan Allen for the lead in receiving TDs.

Don't be surprised if rushing TDs are spread out between Mathews, Woodhead, and Donald Brown. Don't be shocked when the team-leaders in TD catches are Ladarius Green and David Johnson. It's the result of good coaching, and we'll cheer as fans of the team, but it will quickly draw the ire of the hardcore fantasy football players.

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