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Potential waiver wire pickups for the San Diego Chargers

A look around the league at players that were cut by other teams but may be of interest to the San Diego Chargers.

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers final 53-man roster is obviously incomplete and unbalanced, as it currently stands. I wouldn't expect the team to carry 10 LBs and 10 DBs, nor do I think they'll stick with 5 WRs, 5 RBs, or 6 Defensive Linemen.

So, what moves might be coming? Which guys might Tom Telesco add to the Chargers roster in the next day or two? Here are a couple of recently-cut guys that I have my eye on, in no particular order:

Stephen Hill, WR (Jets)

Whether the Chargers even get a chance to talk to Hill will depend on interest around the league for him, and I'm expecting there to be a lot. Hill is big, strong, fast, and still a bit raw. He's one of several Jets that have suffered due to poor QB play and a change in Offensive Coordinators. He would make for one hell of a project in San Diego, and could replace Malcom Floyd next year.

B.J. Daniels and/or Terrelle Pryor, QBs (Seahawks)

A couple of guys with inside knowledge of the Seahawks scheme would be helpful for Week 2, but I think the team should consider signing one of these guys so that the defense can finally practice against a mobile QB.

Sione Fua and Kevin Vickerson, DTs (Broncos)

I watched a bit of the Broncos this preseason and liked what I saw from both of these guys. Not entirely sure why the Broncos cut them outside of the fact that the Broncos are absolutely stacked at every position.

Fua is probably the better fit here, as he's played some NT in Ron Rivera's defense in Carolina (which John Pagano's defense is modeled after).

Deandre Coleman, DE (Jaguars)

While we hunt for a Nose Tackle for the Chargers, let us not forget that they need some depth at the DE spots at well. Coleman might be more of a practice squad signing than a waiver-wire claim, but I still think it's a good fit long-term.

Jeff Demps, KR/RB/WR (Buccaneers)

If the Chargers are as confused as they appear to be on who should be returning kicks, Demps offers a tempting amount of speed. Not sure he'd be of much use in the offense this year, but would be an interesting project to have around on the roster.

Travian Robertson, DT (Falcons)

Robertson is in a group with a handful of other guys that I want to write-off because they've never played in a 3-4 and seem to be too small to handle the 3-4 NT spot, but sometimes Telesco likes those guys anyway and sometimes they work.

Isaac Sopoaga, NT (Cardinals)

Sopoaga is a hundred years old and fading fast. Still, on a one-year deal, he'd offer some good depth and would be an improvement over the very-raw Ryan Carrethers for at least this season. Has spent his last few years on the 49ers, Patriots, and Eagles. That's something to think about.

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