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Coaches to Watch for the Chargers in 2014

A breakdown of Reich and Pagano, and what to look for in the upcoming season.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Reich:

Chargers fans are not worrying about Whiz leaving the team, because Frank Reich is his protégé. If you were watching the Chargers games during preseason, shades of Whiz's dink and dunk offense were still prevalent in the offensive game-plan. The one notable difference with Frank Reich is in the use of the interior run game.

Last season, running inside was the biggest struggle for the Chargers. Whiz had a tendency to run a lot of draws, but success was rarely found through draws. In the preseason, Reich has applied more iso-type interior plays, and with them Bolts backs have found success. With a more balanced run game, in addition to the extremely successful pass offense, Chargers fans have a reason to be excited for the upcoming 2014 offense.

John Pagano:

If coaches kept their jobs based on their personalities, Coach Pagano would never lose his job. Sadly, jobs in the NFL are kept by production of units/teams year-to-year and the good guys take a fall. This reason alone is why Coach Pagano should be on the hot-seat this year. Though the defense was one of the bright spots of the Chargers in the 2012 campaign, the unit struggled during the 2013 season.

Injuries may have been a factor, but a plethora of other reasons added to this. Whether it be simplistic blitz schemes to switch-zone coverage being used too often in long-ball situations, Coach Pagano has lacked the creativity and innovation desired by teams today. If Pagano is to keep his position as the Chargers defensive coordinator, he must become a more varied defensive play-caller.

Hopefully, with the addition of corners that perfectly fit the 7x1 off/in scheme that Pagano runs (Verrett, Flowers) and the return of Ingram and Freeney, the Pagano-led defense will return (or even exceed) the 2012 form.