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What to Watch for: Chargers vs. Cardinals, Preseason Week 4

The regular season is almost here! Only one San Diego Chargers preseason game remains until the regular season opener against the Arizona Cardinals a week from Monday night.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This could set the record for the most boring Chargers game ever. Combine the fact that it is the final preseason game with the fact that these two teams will meet to begin the regular season, and you won't see much action from the starters. That being said, there are still questions about the Chargers' depth that could be answered in this game.

Richard Marshall

Marshall has reportedly been moved to safety in efforts to help him make the team. Marshall's injury history has helped cause a lack of speed which technically makes him a better fit for safety, but there is plenty of young talent on the team. Marshall won't beat out Weddle, Gilchrist, Addae, or Stuckey. Also, if the team wanted to carry an extra safety, I'd rather take a shot on undrafted rookie Alden Darby. The Chargers are trying to help save the veteran's career, but with a salary that has no guarantees, Marshall will have to have a very strong outing on Thursday night to secure a spot on the team.

Defensive Line

I thought about putting "Ryan Carrethers" as the title here, as he may be forced into a much bigger role with Kwame Geathers going on IR. However, with Sean Lissemore's injury and Kendall Reyes struggling the depth of the defensive line will be under the microscope in a hurry.  With Corey Liuget (hopefully) sitting out the entire game, plenty of defensive lineman like  will have a chance to rotate in and give the coaching staff one final view of what they can do.

Kavell Conner

Conner has played more snaps than any Chargers defender this preseason, and that may be for good reason. With Manti Te'o suffering another foot injury, we could see the former Colt starting week one. Honestly, I don't see that as a bad thing. Te'o has incredible instincts that you simply can't teach, but for first and second down I see Conner as a much better run linebacker. Hs has the ability to be aggressive and take on blocks in the run game and is better suited for those A-gap blitzes that the Chargers defense loves to run. Conner may not be the same linebacker as Te'o mentally, but his aggressiveness makes me worry less about Manti missing time. Conner should see plenty more snaps on Thursday to get him ready for the regular season.

Brad Sorensen

Kellen Clemens has been solid in the preseason, putting Brad Sorensen at risk to make the roster. The Bolts carried three quarterbacks in 2013, but I don't see reason for that again. That roster spot would carry much more value for depth at offensive or defensive line. However, I don't make any of those kinds of decisions. If Sorensen plays well vs. the Cardinals, He could sway the coaching staff into deciding to keep three QB's again. Also, Sorensen is one to watch simply because he will likely be playing almost the entire game. If there is any chance of excitement, there is a good chance it will have to come from him. Now, can we get some real football games already?